Branding is simply, the image, the message and the awareness

image brand

Branding Image

Branding starts with the image the company wants to project, this is done through the logo, the design and the corporate identity. The goal of image branding is to foster recognition, allowing people to recognise when exposed to it a second or third or nth time. Catch people's attention.

brand slogan

Branding Message

The message that you want the people to associate with your brand. It starts with the slogan, a short phrase that captures the core values, personality, and positioning of a brand. Message brand extends to content marketing (animation video, social media content, etc... ). This is an important part of branding that many small businesses ignore or take lightly.

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Brand Awareness

The last step in branding, is to create awareness around your brand. How well the consumers can identify the brand ? Strong brand awareness can be a predictor of brand success. This is achieved through advertising, marketing, viral videos, etc...

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